Friday, July 8, 2011

ADAC 24Hr Race - M3 #215 Photos

Lap Counter: 166.5

Its now the 2 week anniversary of our finish in the 24H race. Its been a very busy 2 weeks, but I must admit not an hour goes by when I'm thinking about that epic race.

I recently purchased a set of photos from Vividot, the official photographer for the ADAC 24 Hour race. I selected 7 of them to post here. They are all of our car, #215 throughout the race. I'm glad to say we have pictures from Start to crossing the finish line and I hope you enjoy them.

Photo 1. This was taken on the first lap of the race on the GP track at Turn 1, Castrol-S. We qualified in P8 out of 13 cars. After the first 2 hours, we were as high as P4.

Photo 2. This was probably actually taken during a practice session 2 days before the race. I'm driving out of the pit into pitlane. My first drive in the 24H was at night. My first drive in the daytime, the car looked a little crunched up ;-) Still great photo.

Photo 3. Here I am driving on the GP track in the Schumacher-S. The 24H race was the first time I drove on this section of the GP track. After several laps of braking before entering I came to the realization that you don't have to actually hit the brakes at all for it. Its very fast and very fun piece of track!

Photo 4. A night of racing would not be complete without a glowing brake shot. This was taken late dusk on the first evening. I'm not sure what part of the track this was at. It was very hard for me to overcome the urge to turn off my high beams when approaching another car. I have my mom to thank for teaching me good manners.

Photo 5. This is probably the last photo of the car before her drastic accident and long recovery. This is me driving into the pits after completing what was the longest 6 laps of my life. after coming in and handing the car off to my teammate I remember thinking I wanted to go right back out and do it again! What a great way to spend a Saturday night!

Photo 6. Back in the light of day, I now call our car "Crusty". Crusty is doing a great job. She lost some subframe bolts, whacked into a barrier, whacked back into shape, broke her driveshaft, broke her suspension, but after all that drove straight and true. No overheating, no wandering, just plain fast and predictable like an M3 always is. just be easy putting her in 4th and she was like butter.

Photo 7. Crossing the finish. Here is our trusty crusty 215 crossing the finish line next to her sister car. Z4 finished in P2/13. We managed P8/13. Not bad. Yes we were down for over 8 hours, but we finished!

Thanks for viewing!

Good night, Jim

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