Wednesday, June 22, 2011

ADAC 24Hr Race - Day 1 Registration

Lap Counter: 140.5

Greetings from the Nurburgring! In just a few days I will be driving this alongside 250 other cars around a 26km loop for 24 hours!

This will be my first 24Hr race! I'm so exited its hard to even sleep!
Today was just registration which involved a lot of walking in the rain with all of my gear. Parking is just insane during any race day, but especially this weekend as its probably the biggest event of the year at the track. I think only the old-timer grand prix is even close to the volume of people that flock.

The 24Hr race at the Ring is what I consider the gear heads Woodstock.
Here was a photo from today of one of the hundreds of campsites that grow around the track. The big fans started making their campsites last weekend and will be here almost 2 straight weeks. must have been particularly fun today with the torrential rain.

This is my 3rd endurance race at the Nurburgring. The 24Hr race is the big one but its part of a series of endurances races all exclusively at this track. if you want to check it out. What I love about these races is that its open to all the fans. I have met some big wheels and talented drivers at every event. As an example, there was a 911 GT3 Cup car in our pit box today and I found out Chris Harris of Evo magazine fame is driving it! Hopefully I will be able to meet him sometime this weekend!

I really need to get some sleep here, but I will try and post something from each day….except during the race! I was told by my co-drivers that we may only get about an hour of sleep!

to follow the race, you can go to the official website at
They have an english site and also live streaming of the race. There is also a cool little iPhone app although it costs $1. The ring is broke you know… more on that in another post.

Thanks for reading!

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