Saturday, June 25, 2011

ADAC 24Hr Race - Day 3 Practice

Lap Counter: 146.5

Yesterday was practice and a lot of rain. The team decided to not risk the car before the race and instead we worked on driver changes. This is my 3rd endurance race so I'm not entirely new to the process, but I was amazed at how many things need to happen in proper order at an exact time. I think it will help me to write it out and maybe helpful to someone considering endurance racing.

Driver Entering Pit

60kph in 2nd gear while in pit.
Once in pit, loosen shoulder straps only 5 inches.
Just before stopping undo harness latch.
throw left shoulder harness up on seat ear while holding wheel with right hand.
throw right shoulder harness up on seat ear while holding wheel with left hand.
Stop parallel to pitbox tapping the pitboard but do not hit crew!
Neutral and Turn off car.
Scoot seat all way back.
Exit car as quickly as possible.

Driver Leaving Pit

As soon as other driver gets out enter car as quickly as possible.
Pull shoulder straps down while crew sets lap harnesses.
slide seat forward while letting crew position exactly for you.
crew will buckle in shoulder straps and make tight.
gently place the car in 1st gear, clutch down, car off with hand on ignition
radio plugged in.
watch only crew in front of you with pit board.
when gives the start signal, start the car and go go go!

All of this happens in 50 seconds.

Ok getting ready for the race!

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