Friday, June 24, 2011

ADAC 24Hr Race - Day 2 Qualifying

Lap Counter: 146.5

What a day! The E36 M3 is running perfect and we have a great team/crew. We managed to qualify in P6 for our class! The highlight was most definitely driving at night though. The track is so different. The usual reference markers on much of the track that you begin to take for granted are simply not visible anymore. Instead you end up developing a new line and this can be very exiting depending on the result. As an example, on a tricky turn called Kallenhard I ended up using a sentence written in white paint for the turn-in point. I never saw it before in the daylight. For almost half of a lap I was all alone out there and my eyes adjusted to the darkness which was great however it also made me nearly blind when the next set of cars with blinding driving lights started approaching. The sights at night is amazing too. All along the course you can see all the campsites full of lights. I think I even saw some carnival rides. Lots of flashes from cameras too which doesn't help! Here are some photos. Looking forward to practice later today and watching Porsche Supercup qualifying (the largest porsche race ever!). Tomorrow the race starts at 4pm!

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  1. Jim, I love your blog. I work weekends as a pro photographer and I have to say that you have someone who knows what they are doing behing the camera. I am looking for a mentor to get to where you are in a few years. Would you be able to help? My email is Hope to hear from you. Chris